Canadian Study and Migration Programmes

Our Canadian study and migrations programmes allow Malaysians to study and live in Canada.


Canadian Study and Migration Programmes

We assist to apply and get approvals for those who wish to live, study or work in Canada. Canada offers a wide range of programs for persons who want to emigrate to Canada either as temporary residents with permission to work, to study or to become permanent residents. We help you to identify the right program, access your suitability as to whether you qualify for it or not and finally to apply and get all the necessary approvals. For all our Canadian Programmes we work together with Altec Global which is a Toronto based Immigration and Business consulting firm established in 1992 to assist people who wish to live, work or study in Canada. Altec Global consists of a experienced team of professionals, with government and private sector experience, under the leadership of Susan Gong, a Chartered Professional Accountant, a Licensed Immigration Consultant, and a former member of the Immigration and Refugee Board. Together with Altec Global, we are committed to provide the best immigration advice and services to help you achieve your immigration goals.

Amongst the programmes are:

i. Start Up Visa

Aims to attract overseas high-end elites and entrepreneurs to establish high-tech businesses in Canada, creating job opportunities and stimulating Canada’s economic growth. This stream of immigration requires no management experience, asset declaration report or restrictions on residential areas and only a five-point score on IELTS. Start-Up Visa Immigration does not require applicants to invest with their own funds, only a letter of support from the institution. Furthermore, regardless of the business’s success, the applicant’s permanent residence status will not be cancelled.

ii. School offer + Study permit

Canada has one of the best education systems in the world and thousands of international students come to Canada to obtain various top qualifications. If you are interested in getting a study permit to study in Canada we are here to assist you.

iv. New Brunswick PNP Program

The New Brunswick Express Entry Stream is designed for Foreign Nationals with the skills, education and work experience to contribute to New Brunswick’s economy, who are ready to live and work in New Brunswick and meet the requirements for each stage of the Express Entry Stream.

iii. If you want to stay in Canada but are no longer studying, there are a few options:

a) Work in Canada temporarily after you graduate by applying for a work permit.
b) Apply to stay in Canada as a visitor.
c) Apply to change your status and become a permanent resident.

v. Other programs

We assist in any other available programs to work, study and live in Canada with or without permanent residency.


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