Spouse Visa

Foreigners married to Malaysian citizens are eligible for a long term social pass better known as the Spouse Visa.


Spouse Visa

Foreigners married to a Malaysian citizen are eligible to apply for the Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) or better known as the Spouse Visa. The Spouse Visa is a multiple entry pass valid up to a maximum of 5 years and renewable as long as the couple remains married. Spouse Visa holders are also eligible to work with a Permission to Work (PTW) endorsement which is required to be applied separately. Spouse Visa applications (except for China and Nigeria passport holders) are to be submitted at the respective state immigration office.

Great Pyramid assists Spouse Visa applicants to prepare and compile the paperwork for new and renewal applications. Our consultants will also be assisting you in person on the day of submission to ensure the application is successfully submitted an approved.

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